Badlands Sacrifice Backpack
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Badlands Sacrifice Backpack
The hunting industry's premier pack manufacturer, Badlands and backcountry bowhunter Cameron Hanes have teamed up to design the world's lightest and most technically advanced hunting pack ever produced, the Badlands Sacrifice Backpack.
The Badlands Sacrifice represents a new era for Hunters, who have longed for a high load carrying performance, which is also lightweight and durable.
The Badlands Sacrifice Pack is the industry's first internal frame pack that can claim the title of  "ultra light"  Designed  in conjunction with the man who literally wrote the book on backcountry bow hunting, Cameron Hanes. Cameron wanted to basically "blow the ceiling off of anything that had ever been designed before". Given the unbelievable demands Hanes puts on his equipment and the lofty expectations he had about what the perfect pack should be, we decided the only way to do this was with a clean slate.
The results speak for themselves in the Badlands Sacrifice, with an overall weight of three pounds nine ounces, a full hypervent suspension featuring the world's first heat hardened stainless steel frame and fabrics which take packs to the next level in high tech.
The Badlands Sacrifice's strength to weight ratio is trumped only by Badlands quality and legendary warranty.  Like they say, the pack will take whatever you can throw in it but your knees aren't covered by the same warranty.
Features & Specs:
- 3lbs, 9oz.
- 28"x13"x12"
- 3450 ci
- 2 Compartments, 7 Pockets
- 105 oz H20 Bladder Compatible
- AP Camo
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