Optimus Stoves

Hunting Headquarters carries the full line of Optimus stoves and Optimus camping accessories. If you've never experienced an Optimus stove you are in for a treat. Optimus stoves are constructed to get the job done: to provide you with a solid cooking experience regardless of the weather or terrain. If you are serious about the outdoors consider the Optimus line of camp stoves, camping stoves you can count on.


Optimus Hiker Plus Single Unit
THE "Himalaya Stove"
Optimus Nova Plus Stove
Optimus Liquid Fuel Stove
Optimus Crux Lite
One of the lightest backpack stoves available!
Optimus Svea
A classic - used by climbers all over the world.
Optimus Crux Lite with Terra Solo Cook Set
Optimus Crux Stove
Compact 3000 W stove engineered to hide away under a gas canister!
Optimus Terra Pot Lifter
This lifter works with almost any cookset
Optimus Titanium Folding Spork
Spork - The sport utility utensil now in a compact version!
Optimus Titanium Spork
Spork - The sport utility utensil!
Optimus Titanium 3-Piece Cutler Set
Lightweight with a polished eating surface.
Optimus Titanium 2-Piece Cutler Set
Lightweight with a polished eating surface.
Optimus Terra Cook Set
Eliminate pan rattle - silent packing and stays hot longer.
Optimus Terra Fry Pan
Non-stick Teflon Coated
Optimus Terra Gourmet Pot 1.65 L
Who says you have to rough it!
Optimus Terra Light Weight Pot 1.7 L
Super light versitle pot
Optimus Terra Kettle
Fits INSIDE the Optimus Terra Cookset!
Optimus Terra Weekend .95L
When you don't need a full 3-pan set
Optimus Terra Solo .6L
Fill with a Crux and Spork and your ready to go!
Optimus Nova
The Benchmark for Outdoor Cooking Equipment
Optimus Fuel Bottle
Strong and durable, and light weight